Dell PowerProtect DD3300 Initial Configuration

Prerequisites Link to heading

  • Rack mounted
  • Power and data cables connected
  • iDRAC network interface connected to your laptop with ethernet
  • Note down the serial number that is located on the PSNT (this is the default iDRAC password)
  • Power on!

Setting up iDRAC Link to heading

Firstly, connect to iDRAC with an ethernet cable (no switches involved). Configure your local network interface with a static IP address and no gateway:

IP Subnet Mask Gateway Empty

Then, open up a web browser and navigate to Sign in with the default credentials (password is the serial number, check PSNT):

Username Password

Change the default IPv4 address by navigating to iDRAC Settings > Connectivity > Network > IPv4 Settings

Name Value
Enabled IPv4 Enabled
DHCP Disabled
Static IP Address
Static Gateway
Static Subnet Mask
Use DHCP to Obtain DNS Server Addresses Disabled
Static Preferred DNS Server
Static Alternate DNS Server

Click apply and then pick an IPv4 address (for instance: and set it as your IPv4 address (locally) in order to connect to iDRAC with the new network settings we’ve made.

On your browser, navigate to Verify the connection! Disconnect the ethernet cable from your laptop and connect it to your switch

I pick the switch port number equal to the last IPv4 octet port 16 in our case, otherwise I am brave enough to pick a random one (ง︡’-‘︠)ง

Setting up Data Domain Link to heading

As you might saw or knew already, you cannot configure the data domain appliance through the virtual console.

You could connect to the DD management with a serial cable connection but you might not be in front of the DD appliance on that moment, physically. For this case, we will use Serial over Lan a.k.a. SOL and IPMI.

Setting up Serial over Lan via iDRAC Link to heading

Navigate to iDRAC Settings > Connectivity > Serial Over Lan. Make sure that you have the bellow settings:

Name Value
Enable Serial Over LAN Enabled
Baud Rate 115.2 kbps
Channel Privilege Level Limit Administrator
Redirect Enabled Enabled
Escape Key ^\

Setting up IPMI via iDRAC Link to heading

Navigate to iDRAC Settings > Connectivity > Network > IPMI Settings. Make sure that you have the below settings:

Name Value
Enable IPMI Over LAN Enabled
Channel Privilege Level Limit Administrator
Encryption Key 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000

Configuring Data Domain Link to heading

Now that you’ve enabled IPMI and SOL, it’s time to shine. Install the ipmitool:

For Windows, download the tool here from Dannys blog

Connect to the DD shell via SOL via IPMI:

.\ipmitool.exe -I lanplus -H -U root sol activate

The default credentials are:

Username Password